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  • Yoga Foundations

    9 videos  |  Buy $49.99

    New to Yoga and not sure how to begin? This is the perfect package! 9 foundational videos designed to give you the knowledge and skills to begin your yoga journey. Learn basic poses like Tadasana, Downward Dog, and Forward Fold, and build on these to confidently move through a full Hatha Yoga Pra...

  • Vinyasa Flow
    8 videos  |  Buy $49.99

    Vinyasa Flow

    8 videos  |  Buy $49.99

    Find freedom and ease in your Vinyasa Flow Practice with these 9 classes! Learn to synchronize movement with breath to create a practice that is deeply meditative and calming.

    This bespoke collection of classes is perfect a beginner or those looking to find more confidence in their Vinyasa Flow ...

  • 21 Day Yoga Challenge

    23 videos  |  Buy $79.99

    Are you ready to get back on track, or simply begin? Then this 21 Day Yoga Challenge is for you! Do it at your own pace, on your schedule.

    Each day you will focus on building your strength, flexibility, stamina and stillness. These carefully curated classes will ensure that new, positive habits ...

  • Meditate at Home
    7 videos  |  Buy $49.99

    Meditate at Home

    7 videos  |  Buy $49.99

    Discover how to create a meditation practice form the comfort of your home! These 7 meditation classes, plus 2 bonus meditations, will give you the skills and confidence to bring meditation into your daily life.

    Buy it once and enjoy forever.