• Sweet and Gentle Hatha

    Sharon guides you through this sweet and gentle hatha yoga practice. Slow thoughtful stretches, mindful attention to the neck, legs and hips will leave you feeling relaxed, soothed and restored. A great practice at any time of the day.

  • Yoga for Beginners

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    Learn yoga fundamentals from experienced teachers offering clear, concise cueing and safe variations. Yoga for Beginners classes give you the foundation you need to practice yoga correctly, with confidence and ease.

  • Lunch Time Vinyasa

    This one is another creative Vinyasa class by Juan. This practice brings lots of awareness and emphasis to the movements of the spine: Flexion, extension, rotation, lateral flexion, and axial extension. Awaken your upper body, core, and spine, and have fun flowing and moving with your breath.

  • Solar Plexus Flow

    Join Juan for a fiery flow that centers around the Solar Plexus Chakra! This class has twists, core work, fluid flowy connection and winds down with the inversion Shoulderstand pose. A wonderful way to bring energy and heat into your day.

  • Minimal Props Yin

    This class with Juan is perfect if you are short on props or on the go. You will only need a rolled Yoga mat or a rolled blanket for this juicy, full-bodied yin practice. This class is meant to help you connect more with meditation as well as help you find more ease and stillness.

  • Headstand Hatha Flow

    This challenging Hatha Flow class with Juan explores Headstand as well as variations of this pose. Beginning with a relaxing passive inversion, this class builds and builds, preparing every part of the body for the peak pose of Headstand. With flow like movements, static holds and heat awakening ...

  • For Back Health

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    Spinal health is important for longevity and for ease of movement. These classes are designed to help you keep a healthy, mobile and spring spine. Ease discomfort, stretch and strengthen and support a health happy spine!

  • Vata & Pitta Pacifying Restorative

    Join Mark for a calming Restorative Yoga class designed to soothe the Vata & Pitta doshas. When out of balance, these doshas can manifest as anxiety, irritability, and heightened levels of stress in the body and mind. This class, with its long-held poses, soothing breath attention, and slow pace ...

  • Kapha Pacifying Flow

    Awaken and ignite your energy and power with Juan in this Kapha Pacifying Flow class. If you're looking for a practice that will heat your body, challenge your mind and leave you feeling incredible, this is it! Juan expertly guides you through heating flows, strengthening poses, challenging arm b...

  • Pitta Pacifying Hatha Flow

    Tame and soothe your fiery side with Angela in this Pitta Pacifying Hatha Flow class. With extra attention on breath, mindfulness and slow thoughtful movements, this is a perfect class for those days where you feel a little frazzled and worn out.

  • Yoga Postures How-To

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    This collection takes you through various Asana (Postures) to show you how to actually practice each one. The teacher guides you through these from the very first breath to the very last movement.

  • Vata Pacifying Hatha

    Soothe and calm your nervous system and mind with Nancy in this Ayurvedically inspired Hatha Class. Nancy guides you through grounding poses, gentle flows and pranayama to leave you rested and calm.