Hatha Foundations 1,2,3 | Series

Hatha Foundations 1,2,3 | Series

3 Episodes

Angela guides you through the foundations of Hatha Yoga and many of the key postures to get you on your way to a regular yoga practice.

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Hatha Foundations 1,2,3 | Series
  • Hatha Foundations 1

    Episode 1

    Join Angela and begin creating a strong foundation for your Hatha practice. Learn the basics of relaxation, breathing, sitting and Downward Dog pose in this class that's perfect for beginners.

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  • Hatha Foundations 2

    Episode 2

    In the second class of our Hatha Foundations series, Angela helps you find your footing in Warrior II and Extended Side Angle Pose. This foundational class introduces popular common standing poses so you can learn how to steady yourself.

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  • Hatha Foundations 3

    Episode 3

    In the third Hatha Foundations class, learn about and strengthen the Bandhas (core) and spine and open hips and shoulders. Angela guides you with care and skill so you can create healthy yoga habits!

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