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Mark Atherton

Mark Atherton

Mark always loved to move his body and was obsessed with gymnastics as a child. He was always intrigued by the shapes he was able to find with practice and discipline. After a little searching, he found himself in a yoga class and couldn’t believe how incredible it felt to reconnect with his body. It took about a year of regular classes before he knew he wanted to dive deeper into understanding yoga and embarked upon his first yoga teacher training. Now, many years later, he shares his passion by teaching new yoga teachers and offering online classes.
Mark's Mantra: "In the end, 3 things matter: how well we have lived, loved and learnt to let go."

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Mark Atherton
  • Compassion Meditation

    Join Mark for a meditation focusing on the concept of Metta, also known as loving-kindness. Generate thoughts of well-being for yourself and others and enjoy the benefits this type of meditation practice can bring.

  • Slow, Soft, Steady Gentle Hatha

    Guide your body to a greater sense of ease and freedom with Mark in this Gentle Hatha practice. Move slowly, find steadiness and softly unravel layers of tension and tightness. A lovely practice when you need a short gentle class for your whole body.

  • Balloon Meditation

    Take time to explore your emotions in this Balloon Meditation with Mark. Using the breath as a foundation learn how to create compassionate distance between you and the emotions you experience, moment to moment. A helpful practice after a challenging day or time.