Nicole Seifert

Nicole Seifert

Curiosity drew Nicole to Yoga and the deep spiritual teachings, powerful poses and dynamic breathing practices kept her coming back to her mat. As a teacher, Nicole guides her students through powerful flows, meditative stillness and encourages them to explore and engage with the practice. Her classes inspire effort and exploration, and give you space to move and breathe within your means.

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Nicole Seifert
  • Hatha for Space

    Nicole leads you through a Hatha practice to fill your hips shoulders and spine with space and freedom. Softly open tight areas in your body and enjoy the feeling of fluidity that comes after paying attention to your hard working body.

  • Meditation on Listening

    Nicole guides you through a simple meditation using listening as a point of focus. Use this meditation as a tool to help steady a restless mind. Try this meditation outside, using the sounds of nature, or on a busy commute to start your day with mindfulness.

  • Nature Yin

    Accompanied by the sounds of wind rolling over the French Countryside, Nicole guides you through a Yin practice to bring your whole system into balance. The class begins with some Hatha style stretches and then moves into long held Yin poses for legs and hips. Enjoy a pratcice that will transport...