Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga

With stretching and strengthening postures to support moms-to-be in all trimesters, prenatal yoga offers you safe options and modifications so that you can stay active, connect with your baby and stretch all those hard-to-get-to areas of the body, throughout your pregnancy.

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Prenatal Yoga
  • Goddess Warrior Prenatal

    In this time of constant change, Angela guides you to take your attention to Muladhara Chakra in the pelvic floor finding support within as you connect to Mother Earth and your own inner strength and resilience.

    Exit Exit by PC III. License: Creative Commons Licence

    Whisps of Whorls...

  • Meditation for New Moms

    New moms don't have much time to themselves, but it's crucial you take the time for your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Close your eyes, follow Andrea's words, which will leave you feeling well rested in just 15 minutes.

    Yoga and Meditation Music with Pianoscaper by Rob Barker...

  • Stretch & Strengthen Prenatal

    Angela guides you through a Prenatal practice designed to open the hips and chest. This sequence will help you find greater ease and deeper breath! Take time to practice self care and enjoy the freedom and calm that follow.

  • Nourishing Prenatal

    Join Angela for a 60 Minute Nourishing Hatha Yoga class. This practice prepares the body for greater ease in the birthing process by bringing awareness to the support of Mula Bandha and usage of the voice as a tool for whole body relaxation.

  • Baby & Me Rejuvenation

    Join Angela for this calming and rejuvenating Prenatal Yoga class. Gently and effectively energize body and mind with Moon Salutations and Cascade Sighs that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to continue on with your day.

  • Time for Me | Be Here Now

    This Prenatal practice with Angela creates a feeling of spaciousness in both body and mind. Take care of baby and you with a supportive sequence of asana, pranayama, pelvic toning and chakra awareness.

  • Strength & Nourishment for Moms-in-the-Making

    Angela leads you through this wonderful Prenatal practice for Moms-in-the-Making. Strengthen the lower body with standing and balancing poses, and refresh the mind with pranayama and meditation, while connecting to Mother Earth. A class designed to leave you feeling strong, rooted, calm and nouri...