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The History of Yoga
Mark explores the vast History of Yoga which spans over 5000 years and has evolved significantly since its inception.
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Styles of Yoga
Join Mark as he discusses Yoga lineage, what each class style and type means, and what to expect from each practice.
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From Patanjali to the Baghavad Gita, the teachings offered from the yogic perspective can change and enhance your life. Explore this vast topic.
Holistic Elements
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Discover the many Pranayama practices designed to bring balance back to your body and mind. Dive deep into everything Pranayama!
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This discussion covers all 9 traditional Drishti points and explores how to incorporate the techniques into your yoga practice.
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This discussion guides you through each of the Bandhas, demonstrates how to practice them and how each Bandha can be applied to your yoga practice.
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Join Mark in this workshop covering many different styles and practices of meditation. Learn the history of meditation and its application in Yoga.
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This lecture guides you through a number of chants that can be incorporated into your yoga practice. Learn how to bring Chanting into your life.
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This lecture will give you a new dimension to your yoga practice. Juan explores the magic of mudras and the experience of this energy practice.
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Join Nancy in a journey diving deep into each of the Chakras and learn practices to balance each of these energy centres.
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Yogic Kriyas are known as cleansing practices and are part of the traditional Hatha Yoga system. Angela discusses some of the more popular Kriyas.
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Ayurveda is the traditional medicine of India. Ayurvedic Practitioner, Angela, provides an overview of the History of Ayurveda and tri-doshic theory.
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Ethics & Authenticity
Learn how to express your authentic self, how to share your passions with your students and others. Andrea offers tools to discover your path in life.
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Assisting & Adjusting
In this lecture, Emily provides an in-depth look into the different types of adjustments and assists one might use to help enhance an experience.
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Methodology & Sequencing
Join Nancy in exploring the ins and outs of sequencing. Learn how to combine poses and transitions to create flowing supportive classes.


Enjoy all of the foundational content that makes up 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.  These lectures have been curated by our teachers (who are also Yoga Teacher Trainers) to provide you with access to all the core curriculum contents of a Yoga Teacher Training.