21 Day Yoga Challenge | Series

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Week 1
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Day 1 | How To Hatha
Tammy leads a safe, supportive and inclusive class that will leave you feeling empowered, strong and capable!
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Day 2 | Nourishing Hatha
In this Hatha Yoga class, you will use movement and breath to open and nourish your entire body.
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Day 3 | Move & Breathe Vinyasa
A flowing class that uses breath and movement, simple backbends and standing poses to cultivate awareness.
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Day 4 | 2nd Chakra Hatha
The 2nd chakra governs our emotional well-being and creativity. In this class, the intention is to open the hips and find fluidity.
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Day 5 | Mindful Vinyasa
Move through a slow, steady Vinyasa practice with lots of cues to help you modify postures to make them accessible for your unique body and being.
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Day 6 | Centering Hatha
A Hatha class focusing on centering the body and mind. Multiple sequences of fluid movements lead to a seated sequence before finding rest.
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Day 7 | Yin for Hips
This Yin class may be challenging physically and emotionally as the hips are known to store emotion. Be sure to be very kind to yourself.
Week 2
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Day 8 | Hatha for the Whole Body
Especially helpful for those with a “chair-sitting” lifestyle, this well-rounded practice tones the upper body and strengthens the lower body.
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Day 9 | Hatha for Stability
This class focuses on helping you feel more stable, grounded and balanced in your body which translates into a more focused mind.
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Day 10 | Warm Heart Vinyasa
Warm up your body and your heart in this slow, steady Vinyasa class which includes the peak pose- Bow/Dhanurasana. 
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Day 11 | Journey to Eagle Vinyasa
Enjoy this guided journey to Eagle Pose! This class includes lots of prep for your shoulders and hips.
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Day 12 | Deep Grounding Hatha
With a focus on the first energy centre of the root chakra at the base of the pelvis. May this practice ground you and deepen your sense of belongi...
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Day 13 | Moving Pranayama
Move your body, move your breath. This moving Pranayama class is designed to help free up the body and to invigorate and harness the breath.
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Day 14 | Yin Yoga for Stress Relief
Relax and release. Take time for yourself with this Yin practice that will help you let go of stress and tension, leaving you feeling renewed.
Week 3
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Day 15 | Morning Stretch Hatha
This gentle class is designed to get you going, creating a compassionate connection between your breath and physical body.
Data 2fimages 2fjwhsljsqtg2er4zehsbb woman doing ashtanga vinyasa yoga asana adhomukha svanasana picture id867381860
Day 16 | Balance & Focus Hatha
A gentle class to improve your balance and focus while you wake up your entire body.
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Day 17 | Upward Facing Vinyasa
A sequence that connects breath and movement and focuses on seated forward folds which transition with an upward facing vinyasa.
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Day 18 | Kundalini
The perfect class for anyone new to Kundalini or those looking for a deeper understanding of the practice.
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Day 19 | Open Heart Vinyasa
Placing attention and awareness to the most vital organ of the body. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, to be open and prepare to reap the benefits.
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Day 20 | Fluid Flow Vinyasa
A fluid Vinyasa class with a focus on bringing space and openness to the hips and low back.
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Day 21 | Cozy Restorative
Cultivate a clear mind and intention in this cozy restorative practice. A bolster and two blankets would be helpful for this class.


Are you ready to get back on track, or simply begin?  Then this 21 Day Yoga Challenge is for you! Each day you will focus on building your strength, flexibility, stamina and stillness.  These carefully curated classes will ensure that new, positive habits will become part of your everyday living! Accessible to every level of Yogi.

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Janet Matejcek

wow so fast...dont reccomend for unfit or beginner.....day 3 crazy ...i wont go further