Kundalini | All Levels

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The perfect class for anyone new to kundalini or those looking for a deeper understanding of the practice. The intention is to balance the head and the heart while also being beneficial to the fluids of the brain.

Title: Yoga and Meditation Music with Pianoscaper by Rob Barker. Licence: Creative Commons License

Title: Relaxing Piano Music by Kevin MacLeod. Licence: Creative Commons Licence

Helene W.

Agree with Manjit on this one. Love Emily's way of teaching Kundalini.

Manjit Basran

I had never heard of Kundalini, but now I am hooked. xoxox

When I began practicing yoga I came to it with an athletic mindset. After embracing the core values of yoga I discovered how much deeper life on the mat could be--it encouraged me to make positive changes that made a lasting difference in my life. Taking my yoga teacher training and opening a yoga studio was my way of giving back, to inspire others in following their true path. I always seek to share the deeper teachings of yoga since that's always been what's brought me back to my highest self. Outside of teaching I'm focused on following my passions from my home in the mountains and through travelling the world.