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Alternate nostril breathing is considered THE balancing breath for all of the systems of the body. A great breath to practice at the end of a busy workday! 


Title: Yoga and Meditation Music with Pianoscaper by Rob Barker. Licence: Creative Commons License  

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Nancy Frohlick

"Yoga found me way back in the 1980’s when I was an anxious, rebellious student working on my Masters Degree in Art. I instantly fell head over heels in love with yoga and I can see now, that those early days of practice planted the seed of awakening to my true self. My first teachers inspired me to explore my passion for yoga and so I completed my 200HR YTT in 2000".

During My Hatha Yoga Classes you can expect to be guided through a safe journey of the asanas (yoga postures), with attention  to breath and sensation. My intention is to assist practitioners find ways to cultivate awareness from the deeper layers of the mind and the body.

During My Vinyasa Yoga Classes you can expect to move slowly and steadily through the asanas (yoga postures), while maintaining an inner awareness to breath and mind. I will guide you through the flow of Vinyasa with modifications to help you honour the body that you brought to your mat today.

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