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40 Minute | Gentle Vinyasa | Beginner

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Ally Potrebka

"I started practicing yoga in 2008 when my sister introduced me to it. For the next couple years I practiced sporadically and mostly focused on asana and the physical benefits. Around 2012 I started doing yoga more regularly as a way to manage stress and find relaxation. In 2013 I decided to take yoga teacher training to deepen my knowledge of yoga beyond the asana, and that is what lead me to Yogacara. I took my 200-hour teacher training in Whistler, BC with Yogacara and dove head first into living my yoga".

During My Hatha Classes you can expect to improve flexibility with mindful movement. You will move with your breath and create a deeper union between your mind, body and breath. These classes are perfect for anyone who is looking to get into their body and away from their monkey mind.

During My Vinyasa Classes you can expect to build strength and gain more flexibility through dynamic movements. Your mind and body will be challenged with lots of movement sprinkled with moments of stillness. These classes are perfect for anyone who is looking to strengthen their body and their mind.

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