Hatha Foundations 1,2,3 | Series

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Hatha 1
Learn the basics of relaxation, breathing, sitting and the foundational Downward Dog pose in this class for beginners.
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Hatha 2
Find your footing in Warrior II and Extended Side Angle Pose in this foundational class that introduces beginners to common standing poses.
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Hatha 3
Learn about and strengthen the Bandhas (core) and spine and open hips and shoulders in this foundational core class for beginners.


Angela guides you through the foundations of Hatha Yoga and many of the key postures to get you on your way to a regular yoga practice.

Doing a job I love has been one of the main aims of my life. I’m equal parts philosopher, artist and teacher. But above all, I’m a student; a student of life. I’ve been an academic, an actor, a singer and songwriter; a health advocate, social justice activist, ayurvedic practitioner, yoga teacher, curriculum developer and a writer. Outside of sharing my yoga passion with you, I am currently enrolled in Massage Therapy training in beautiful Victoria, Canada.