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The Hatha practice is devoted to opening the heart, and stepping into the best version of yourself.


Title: OceanTapping by PC III 2015. License: Creative Commons Licence

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Andrea Nacey

"I went to my first yoga class in the winter of 2005 after completing my arts degree at university. I was bartending at a Vancouver nightclub in order to pay off my student loans and to figure out my next step. I still remember the vibe, the warmth, and the nurturing welcoming when I walked into the studio ~ it was like somewhere I’ve always wanted to be…then I experienced heart opening postures and I was in LOVE".

During My Hatha Classes you will enjoy a full body practice in a short amount of time. This practice is available for anybody. Every cell, tissue, and organ will be nourished by simple postures linked with empowering breath work. Remember savasana is the most important pose of your practice, stay longer if you can.  

During My Yin Classes you will be encouraged to find your healthy intelligent edge in the pose & resolve to be still. You will be led to hold the postures from 2-3 minutes each side cultivating emotional maturity, greater physical mobility, and mental fortitude. Be sure to enjoy a long savasana after you yin practice allowing everything to settle. 

During My Meditation Classes you will be softly led to explore the limb of yoga that can be the most transformational. The historic reason why we practice yoga postures is to prepare our bodies to sit in meditation. When we consciously practice meditation be choose to connect to our highest self, allowing the lower vibrations to simply move through us.

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