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30 Minute | Journey To Headstand | Advanced

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Curious about headstand and want to find the strength to conquer it? Exploring headstand but want to feel more confident and stable? This is the flow for you! Get next to a wall, prepare for core strength, shoulder opening, hamstring work, and more. Having a yoga strap can work to your advantage in this flow. 


Title: Concentration by Kevin MacLeod . Licence: Creative Commons Licence

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Emily Kane

"When I started practicing yoga I was in high school and transitioning out of dance so I thought it’d be a good way to keep my flexibility. I was also really into sports like basketball and volleyball so I figured it could be a good way to cross-train. I loved the idea of helping people in a meaningful way. I reflected on what was really important and how my career could be integrated into that lifestyle. This led me to pursue yoga teacher training and open a yoga studio in Whistler Village. I get to enjoy a life that inspires me whether it’s on or off-the-mat".

My Advanced Vinyasa Flow Class is ideal for those who are curious about working up to full splits (hanumanasana) in a supportive way. Blocks or pillows would be helpful for this flow.

My Hatha Yoga Class is ideal to open the hips and find fluidity in spaces that often need it the most! Want more than just hips? This sequence will be a balanced practice with something for everyone.

My Kundalini Yoga Class focuses on raising the kundalini energy from the base of your spine. It's meant to release this powerful energy while shifting it upwards to the centers for higher consciousness. We practice kriya (i.e. purified action) which in the kundalini tradition acts as a specific set of asana (aka poses), mantra (sacred sound), meditation, and other yoga based techniques to target very specific intentions. It's sometimes referred to as a medical meditation since it can focus on different energy systems, organs, and even diseases. The overall goal is to bring you to a place where you feel happy, healthy, and whole.

My Restorative Yoga Class is the perfect way to enjoy pure bliss in this restorative sequence complete with bolsters and blocks (2 each ideally or lots of pillows and support!) Expect long holds while holding space for plenty of silence and relaxation.

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