Let Breath Be Your Best Guide Vinyasa | All Levels

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Let your breath be your best guide and teacher. Allow the pace of your practice be led by the length and depth of your breath. Moving from the inside out.


Title: OceanTapping by PC III 2015 . License: Creative Commons Licence

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Anita Kaur

My favourite class so far. Very clear cues.

My path to yoga began with the practice of asana as a sister companion to my full time investment in dance. I noticed a subtle shift starting to occur when I was choosing to spend more time on my mat. I began to acknowledge a freedom and creative expression through my asana practice that was truly organic and deeply rooted. I was hooked! I continued to delve deeper into yoga philosophy and had the realization that I was leading a life that paralleled many of these ancient lessons. I knew from that point that yoga would be a lifelong companion and guide. The fire in my belly has grown to share my experience and teachings of this beautiful art form.