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This class breaks down five mudras or hand gestures that you can incorporate in your practice or your teaching. Mudras can represent a certain quality, such as compassion, courage, or wisdom. It is believed that, by practicing mudra, you awaken the seeds of these states within you.


Title: Stories About the World That Once Was by Chris Zabriskie. Licence: Creative Commons Licence

Title: Whisps of Whorls by Kevin MacLeod. Licence: Creative Commons Licence

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Juan Villegas

"Yoga has always been with me since I was born and I believe that we are all born yoginis and yogis because in one form or another we are always striving to be better versions of ourselves. It was not until I began to learn more about the philosophy behind Yoga that I noticed that, for as long as I can remember, I was already trying to apply all these concepts in my life".

During my Hatha Classes you can expect a sequence created to quiet and balance your mind and at the same time build the flexibility and the strength that your own body needs, your own way! Be ready to feel more focused, lighter and a sense of spaciousness and openness afterwards.

During my Vinyasa Classes you can expect a practice which combines awareness of breath with awareness of fluid movement to raise the energy, the stability and the range of motion that your own body and mind need. Have a towel nearby, it might get sweaty and afterwards, you will feel more grounded, lighter and focused.  

During my Meditation Classes you can expect to raise your body and mind awareness and to feel a sense of peace and clarity. Your attention to breath will move from the background into the foreground of your being. Later, you will even feel more love, compassion and understanding towards others and towards yourself.

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