New Year ~ New You Challenge | Series

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Week 1
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Day 1 | Heart Hatha
The challenge begins with a Hatha practice devoted to opening the heart, and stepping into the best version of yourself.
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Day 2 | Balance & Rest Hatha
Day 2 brings with it a well rounded, grounding Hatha practice including variations of Boat, Cat/Cow and Bridge Pose.
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Day 3 | Deep Grounding Hatha
And now grounding begins with a Hatha practice to ground your body and deepen your sense of belonging.
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Day 4 | Sun Salutations
It's time to salute the sun to start or end your day with a clearer mind and a more supple body.
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Day 5 | Upward Facing Vinyasa
Today brings a sequence that connects breath and movement and focuses on seated forward folds.
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Day 6 | Kundalini Meditation
By now, you are in full swing and ready to explore a Kundalini inspired heart opening meditation to connect with divine energy.
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Day 7 | Yin Spa Rituals
End your first week off with stillness, peace, and quiet in this yin class. Taking time to slow down in life is a great way to practice gratitude.
Week 2
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Day 8 | Center the Mind Hatha
Week 2 begins with a gentle yoga practice done close to the ground to centre your mind and open your spine. 
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Day 9 | Awaken the Body Hatha
Week 2 begins with this full-body Hatha class will awaken the whole body from head to toe!
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Day 10 | Gentle Evening Hatha
You are in the home stretch! This gentle class is designed to help you wind down after a long day.
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Day 11 | Warm Heart Vinyasa
Today, warm up your body and your heart in this slow, steady Vinyasa class.
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Day 12 | Peak Pose Vinyasa
Today we step it up with a creative Vinyasa sequence building to Baby Grasshopper Pose!
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Day 13 | 2nd Chakra Kundalini
Who says 13 is an unlucky number! Today, this 2nd chakra class focuses on healthy organs and building positive energy.
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Day 14 | Yoga Nidra
CONGRATULATIONS! This final class of the challenge is a Yoga Nidra guided meditation, done in a reclined position, that allows you to rest deeply.


Begin the New Year with a commitment to your health and wellness. Enjoy 14 days of mindfully curated practices to help you step into your New Year with confidence, ease and a deep sense of calm. Whether you're new to yoga or a long-time practitioner, this series will guide you to discover your best self.

Rudy Miniutti

Wonderful way to start the New Year. Hopefully I'll be able to keep practicing daily. Thank you, instructors!


Starting this today!