Standing Balance Vinyasa | Advanced

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A strong accessible vinyasa for those looking for a strengthening practice. Enjoy exploring various standing balance postures to strengthen the legs and glutes and to bring energy to your body and mind.


Title: OceanTapping by PC III 2015. License: Creative Commons Licence

Jorge Tuft

Enjoyed this class tonight!

Helene W.

Me too!

I always loved to move my body, I was obsessed with gymnastics as a child and was intrigued by the shapes I was able to find with practice and discipline. After a little searching, I found myself in a yoga class. I couldn’t believe how incredible it felt to reconnect with my body in ways similar as to when I was a child. It took about a year of regular classes before I knew I wanted to dive in deeper into understanding yoga and embarked upon my first yoga teacher training.  Now, many years later, I share my passion by teaching new yoga teachers and offering online classes.