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Clear, concise and easy-to-follow instructions for practicing Warrior 3 pose. Includes variations for beginners and modifications for some injuries.


Title: The Dark Glow of the Mountains by Chris Zabriskie. Licence: Creative Commons Licence

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Angela Inglis

"Doing a job I love has been one of the main aims of my life. I’m equal parts philosopher, artist and teacher. But above all, I’m a student; a student of life. I’ve been an academic, an actor, a singer and songwriter; a health advocate, social justice activist, ayurvedic practitioner, yoga teacher, curriculum developer and a writer".

During My Hatha Classes you can expect clear, concise and creative cueing that is soothing, relaxing and encouraging. Nature imagery, gratitude, humour and breath awareness add to the beauty of your practice. With lots of time to get in and out of postures and a focus on bandhas (core engagement) and correct alignment, you can be sure you're practicing safely.  

During My Yin Classes you can expect a well rounded experience. Whether you're looking for that feeling of deep relaxation that comes with a good stretch or want to support better digestion, mind-body balance or overall stress relief, my Yin Yoga classes will help you achieve your aims in a safe and caring environment.

During My Vinyasa Classes you can expect motivating, encouraging and creative cueing to take you through your yoga flow. Whether it's a slow burn for beginners or an energizing and challenging class for intermediate or advanced students, cueing is clear so that you can be sure you're practicing safely and correctly. Imagery, enthusiasm, humour and breath awareness make my classes diverse and multi-layered, so you can go deeper with each practice.

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