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With focus on the first energy centre of the root chakra at the base of the pelvis. May this practice ground you and deepen your sense of belonging.


Title: Exit Exit by PC III . License: Creative Commons Licence

Title: Yoga and Meditation Music with Pianoscaper by Rob Barker. Licence: Creative Commons License

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Joanna Griffin

"My path to yoga began with the practice of asana as a sister companion to my full time investment in dance. I noticed a subtle shift starting to occur when I was choosing to spend more time on my mat. I began to acknowledge a freedom and creative expression through my asana practice that was truly organic and deeply rooted. I was hooked! I continued to delve deeper into yoga philosophy and had the realization that I was leading a life that paralleled many of these ancient lessons. I knew from that point that yoga would be a lifelong companion and guide. The fire in my belly has since grown to share my experience and the teachings of this beautiful art form with others."

During My Yin Yoga Classes I invite you to come to a place of sanctuary within your own body to rest and digest. Together we will move gently through supported poses to smooth the fascia and connective tissue in the body and calm the nervous system. This practice focuses on long deep breaths, on time for self care and on cultivating stillness and quiet in both body and mind.

During My Hatha Classes I offer lots of time in poses for long slow breath so you can truly experience how the shape feels in your body and allows you to build a deeper relationship and understanding of your unique make up. This practice focuses on creating space in the body and releasing tension through the power of the breath.

During My Vinyasa Classes The sequences are fluid so you can flow gracefully from pose to pose with smooth transitions. The practice moves with care and control and maintains an awareness on safe alignment, good posture and the development of strength and space in the body. This practice encourages you to tune inwards and allow your body to move from the inside out so each practice is a unique expression of YOU.

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