Yoga Talks

Yoga Talks

Yoga Talks are workshops that dive deeper into specific areas of yoga practice. These classes cover topics such as yogic philosophy, anatomy, asana and tools for holistic health. Explore modifications of asana that work for your own body, understand the biomechanics behind poses and learn how to take your yoga practice off your mat.

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Yoga Talks
  • Practicing Yoga off the Mat

    This lecture explores the question: How can one practice yoga off the mat? This can be done in many different ways such as the way we behave in the world, becoming more mindful of our actions, through meditation practice and many other ways.

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  • Pranayama for Better Digestion

    Try these Ayurveda-inspired breathing practices for better digestion. Angela guides you through 3 different practices for 3 different types of digestive issues.

  • Intro to Chanting

    A short discussion on the history of chanting. This talk highlights the schools of yoga that use sound as a tool for transformation, quantum science, cymatics, and the art of healthy sound production. Learn to use your voice to find inner stillness and calm!

  • Holistic Cures for the Common Cold

    A short discussion with Ally, a Holistic Nutritionist, about what you can do to prevent the common cold and treat it when you do inevitably catch it.

  • Intro to Headstand

    Nancy guides you through the nuts and bolts of practising headstand safely in this visual tutorial. With the help of Angela demonstrating, Nancy discusses preliminary practices and modifications to help you with this challenging pose.

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  • Mudras and Yoga

    This class breaks down five mudras or hand gestures that you can incorporate in your practice or your teaching. Mudras can represent a certain quality, such as compassion, courage, or wisdom. It is believed that, by practising mudra, you awaken the seeds of these states within you.


  • Safe Backbends

    Join Emily as she explores safe backbends for everybody. Discover the powerful effects of backbends with step-by-step guidance to keep your practice pain-free.

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    Stories About the World That Once Was by Chris ...